If National Governments can’t solve the climate crisis, then who will?

Not Without Us follows seven grassroots activists from around the world to the 21st U.N. Climate Talks in Paris. The effects of climate change on their lives reveal what’s at stake if a strong agreement to limit carbon emissions is not reached. Yet, the landmark Paris Accords, signed by 192 nations, is non-binding and fails to mention the main cause of global climate change: fossil fuels. How could this be?

Not Without Us connects the dots. Between the inability of the U.N. process to address climate change and Big Oil’s control over governments. Between the greatest economic inequality in the history of mankind and the oncoming climate disaster. Between a fossil fuel driven economy and the 1% who control it.

Not Without Us demonstrates the importance of grassroots groups to empower mass movements to create the systemic change we need. Real change that comes not from top down, but the bottom up, organized by social movements to harness the greatest force we have: humanity. 

"A must-see portrait of frontline communities and activists who gathered in Paris in December 2015, fighting for the strongest possible climate deal while fearlessly exposing its limits. These are the voices defending the land and water in some of the most threatened places around the world, protecting the planet in the process -- and it is the rare film that gives them such a compelling platform."
— Naomi Klein, author of This Changes Everything and The Shock Doctrine

"For those of us concerned and engaged on the issue of climate change, it's increasingly clear that the political and economic changes required to solve the problem hinges on the will of the people. Not Without Us serves as a masterful example of those who understand this and are leading the way.”

 — Jamie Redford, writer, producer and documentary filmmaker, Chairman and Co-Founder, The Redford Center


“Lots of people have asked me how they should feel about the results of the UN climate talks in Paris a year and a half ago. I wasn't there, and so I defer to the stories and the perspectives of the folks who were.

Long story short: it's complicated. And if you have any appetite for said complication, I strongly recommend watching Not Without Us. Wonderful filmmakers following wonderful folks through a moment that was both historic AND woefully insufficient.”

--- Farhad Ebrahimi, Chorus Foundation